Tarina Tarantino Violet Storm Palette (Aurora Collection)

So now that finals are over, we can go back to regular posts and videos! Yay!

I’ve been thinking about doing some tutorials but I am not sure yet! What kind would you want to see?

So I think I have a problemmm…. with compulsive makeup buying.

Okay, I know I have a problem! But when I was Christmas shopping at Sephora, this palette caught my eye. It’s the Violet Storm palette from Tarina Tarantino’s Aurora Collection.

The packaging was the first thing that caught my eye. Sooo cute!

I have been wanting to try her products since they came out last year, just because they always look so gorgeous.

I was not disappointed! I really want to go back and get the Diamond Dusk palette as well.

I had to get this palette as soon as I saw it. The colors are so beautiful, and I thought they would look nice with my fair skin. I have a weakness for lavenders and purples.

All the colors have a shimmer in the palette, but when applied the deep purple looks matte.

The colors look intimidating, but when swatched they are not quite as bright.

I can’t wait to play around with these colors some more! They are great quality and super pigmented for a reasonable price 🙂

You can get this palette for $20 at Sephora.


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3 Responses to Tarina Tarantino Violet Storm Palette (Aurora Collection)

  1. ShoeGalKayla says:

    $20 what? That’s awesome! I’ve read good reviews about her palettes, I’ve been meaning to check it out! Great blog!

  2. shalely says:

    Aahhhh this looks so good! Like a fairytale!!!!!! So nice!

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