Makeup 101: Undertone Guide

One thing that is super important to know about yourself, that a lot of people don’t know, is their undertone. Your undertone determines what colors are flattering on you, what foundation you should buy, and even whether you tan or burn. My friend Claire and I look very similar (fair skin, reddish hair, light eyes) but our undertones are very different. We discovered this in high school when I told her that she would tan if she laid out for about 5 hours. Worked for me… did NOT work for her. Also probably not a good idea.


Here is a picture of us side by side. If you just glanced at us, you would probably assume we wear close to the same shade foundation. However, I have more of a neutral undertone that’s slightly on the warm side, and she has a very cool skin tone.


This is a close up of Claire’s wrist. As you can see, she has very blue veins, which means she has a cool undertone. Other ways to tell if you have a cool undertone is if you have freckled skin, if you burn instead of tan, or if you look better in silver jewelry.


This is a close up picture of my wrist. I have mostly “green” (they look more teal to me) veins, with a few blue. I think I’m mostly on the neutral side, maybe slightly warm. I can tan, although it takes some effort, I don’t look better in gold or silver, and I can wear either warm or cool eyeshadow colors.


Last of all, this is my 6 year old daughter’s wrist. All her veins are green (or teal), she gets tan super fast and easily, she looks best in gold or warm colors. She definitely has a warm skin tone!


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