Makeup 101: Foundation

Before you go foundation shopping, it’s a good idea to be informed on what kind of foundation you want to get. I do not recommend walking blindly into a department or makeup store without knowing what you’re looking for. That is definitely a hit or miss situation, and you really don’t want to miss when it comes to foundation. Before deciding on a foundation, you first need to know you’re skin type, which is much easier to tell than you’re undertone (see here->

Oily skin- You can tell if you have oily skin if you get shiny throughout the day, especially in your t-zone. Those with oily skin may be prone to breakouts, or have enlarged pores. For ladies with oily skin, I recommend either a powder foundation or a liquid foundation with a slight matte finish to control shine. Stay away from illuminating foundations, as they will emphasize the shine on your face.

Foundations that I recommend for oily skin: Revlon Colorstay, bareMinerals Matte foundation, Makeup Forever Mat Velvet.

Dry skin- Dry skin usually feels tight and dull, with a few dry, flakey patches. For ladies with dry skin I recommend either a cream foundation, or an illuminating liquid foundation.  For those with super dry skin, you should probably stay away from foundations with a matte finish, or powder foundations, ESPECIALLY in winter. They will emphasize your dry patches.

Foundations that I recommend for dry skin: Revlon Colorstay Whipped, Neutrogena Healthy Skin, Makeup Forever HD.

Combination skin- Combination skin is super common. It’s pretty much what the name says— a combination of dry and oily skin. You may have dry patches but an oily t-zone. I would recommend using a cream foundation (like Revlon Colorstay Whipped) and setting your t-zone LIGHTLY with a powder foundation to keep your oil under control.

After you decide what kind of foundation is best for your skin type, you need to decide on how much coverage you need. If you have acne scars, or large pores you might want something full coverage. If you just need a light coverage then you might want to look for something sheer.

The next thing you should do is a little research online, and see what other people with your skin type or complexion say about the foundation you’re interested in. For instance, if you have really fair skin with a cool undertone, you might want to make sure that there is a color option that matches you, and won’t be too yellow. A good place to find color matches online is here-> . After being mismatched for foundation the last few times I’ve asked sales associates for help, I’ve taken to looking at Temptalia’s site to get an idea of what foundation colors to try.

Make sure you look at the reviews before you buy ANYTHING! Some foundation might look flawless when you put it on but then do something crazy like oxidize, fade quickly, or cling to dry patches. You want to look for reviews that show the foundation is ideal for what you’re looking for, whether that’s full coverage, long wearing, or covering up an oily t-zone.

A good alternative to foundation for all skin types, is BB cream. I don’t mean that tinted moisturizer that drugstores deem BB cream either! I mean real BB cream! Good ones become one with your skin, and make it look flawless.


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